Proof of Residency

8 months ago

Beginning Friday November 2nd, proof of residency is required to use the Huron Landfill.

What is considered proof of residency?

  • A Driver's License that shows your Huron-Kinloss address
  • A recent tax bill that has your Huron-Kinloss address
  • A mortgage statement for your Huron-Kinloss address
  • Or a Utility bill that shows your Huron-Kinloss address
Please take note that all require a Huron-Kinloss address, that is because the Huron landfill is only meant for Huron-Kinloss residents. Cutting down on non-residents using the site will assist the Township is extended the life expectancy of the landfill. This isn't a rule that the Township just made up, this is a requirement of our certification for the landfill:

"As per the Huron Landfill site Certificate of Approval and Waste Management By-Law 2011-09, the Township is only able to accept materials from Township sources. Therefore, the Township has implemented a proof of origin process."

The landfill attendants are required to turn away any landfill visitor that is unable to prove that the materials they wish to leave at the landfill is in fact from Huron-Kinloss. Proof of residency is the easiest way for the landfill attendants to enforce this. Landfill attendants will be comparing the proof of residency to a master list of all addresses in the Township, this might delay entering the landfill slightly but it is for the greater good of the Township and all its residents!
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