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We've Been Listening!

about 1 year ago
Point clark washroom design

You've provided some great ideas in our 'Share Your Ideas' tool and we've been hard at work to see how we can improve.

The public washrooms at the Point Clark Beach need some updating; we heard you loud and clear! To remedy this issue, we've been working with DAR-CAD Designs to create an accessible washroom design that we all can be proud of.

Take a look at the before and after designs and let us know what you think.

We are so proud to work with our residents and visitors to make the Point Clark Beach a great place to spend time with family and friends.

Point Clark Beach Washroom Design

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Consultation has concluded

MC about 1 year ago
The foot print is on the small side but I understand that there are multiple reasons to keep the foot print as per the original washroom. It would be great to add an overhang on one of the sides or the rear and add a couple of outdoor shower and foot heads to rinse.
donthorpe about 1 year ago
Bike Repair station and outdoor showers.
FranS about 1 year ago
The proposed design of the renovations to the washrooms at the Point Clark beach is a definite improvement, but it fails to meet the mark. I find it unfortunate that it is being limited to the current size of the building, and therefore still failing the needs at the beach for tourists and beach goers! Spending all that money on a renovation that still fails some basic washroom accessibility issues, not to mention that the proposed reno has no change rooms, is not a wise use of money.Why not go the extra mile and do this right.Make the building larger and include:a) 2 change room areas in both the men and womens sideb) 2 large accessible gender neutral individual bathrooms that can be used by those with disabilities, or by families who have small children. One thought on how to accomplish this might be by making the building longer to accommodate the two individual accessible gender neutral washrooms and by placing two change rooms in womens and mens where the accessible stall is in your current renovation plan.Another option, if its easier, is to make the building wider to accommodate the two individual accessible gender neutral washrooms.Making the building larger to accommodate the accessible washrooms will meet the needs of a previous comment made here, as to when one person is of one gender and the care provider or the attendant is another gender, and the awkwardness they have of entering either the mens or the womens washroom.
Ehrenberg about 1 year ago
For the washroom upgrade a in or outdoor shower would be definitely appreciated ,As for another problem I feel the Clark Creek outlet should be delt with because it is always plugged on the outlet and therefore the water backs up and gets polluted and becomes a health hazard. It might not seem an improvement to many people but Mother Nature needs help.
Author Commented Michelle Goetz about 1 year ago
Great comments and feedback! There is a baby change table in both the men's and women's washroom; it is on the opposite wall from the mirrors and sinks. I apologize that it is hard to see on the design. There is a bench in the accessible washrooms but in order to ensure there is enough space for it to be accessible, additional benches can't be installed along the hallway. The outside of the building will be updated after construction; we hope to have the project complete bu Victoria Day weekend 2019. Please share the link to this project page with anyone that might be interested in seeing the proposed design.
plippert@hurontel about 1 year ago
Please ensure that there is enough room in the accessible washroom for both a power wheelchair to turn completely as well as room for an attendant who may have to operate the chair and assist with catheterization, etc.. Also, please ensure that the washrooms are not labelled male and female as often the person requiring care can be one gender and the caregiver the other. By labelling washrooms, they have to decide which one they will use and it makes both parties very uncomfortable. There should also be a shelf of some kind in the accessible washroom where supplies can be placed rather than having to use the floor. In addition to the washrooms, it would be so nice if there were a number of accessible walkways to the beach and more than one access point (similar to Station Beach in Kincardine).
Beachdays about 1 year ago
Perhaps it’s already in the design for the new washrooms, but what about a baby change table and perhaps a couple of bench seats.
Bev and Miles Dadson about 1 year ago
I can't see a baby's change table in the new washrooms. Should one be looked at and possibly put into one of the wheelchair accessible locations. It wouldn't take much room up if it was a collapsible one on a wall. It would provide more privacy for the parents.
Tapeach about 1 year ago
I like the redesign of the washrooms, especially modifications for access. Will it also include an external facelift so it’s not quite as much of an eyesore?