Point Clark Beach Washrooms Renovation

about 1 year ago
Point clark washroom design

At the February 11th Council budget meeting; Council received a draft budget that included the Point Clark Beach Enhancements project. The project includes the renovation of the Point Clark Beach, Lighthouse Park Washrooms.

A tender package has been created for the renovation of the washroom that is available here. Tender bids are being accepted until March 8th 2019 at 1:00 p.m.

The new footprint of the washroom will include:

- A family washroom/change area

- A men's washroom with 1 toilet and 2 urinals

- A women's washroom with 1 accessible toilet stall and 2 regular sized toilet stalls

- All three washrooms will have a baby change table

- A foot rinse station

The project completion date is slated for May 10th 2019.

Consultation has concluded