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Feedback is Closing Soon

about 1 year ago
Couple walking on pc beach

January 2nd 2019 will be the last day to provide feedback on the new Point Clark Washroom Design as well as provide ideas and areas of improvement for the Point Clark Beach Enhancements Project. The project will be officially closed for feedback on January 3rd 2019.

We are required to work within the original footprint of the building due to the septic system and the property lines; however, we have gone back to the drawing board to include two family/gender neutral accessible washrooms and an outdoor foot wash station.

Please provide your feedback in the comments section, on the map or in the Share Your Ideas Tool before January 3rd 2019.

Consultation has concluded

Winnebago about 1 year ago
I like the new larger design of the washrooms. Great to see updates being done as the current washrooms are very worn and not in the best condition.Congratulations on a job well done by those involved.