Contractor finishing up at the Deer Run Nature Trail

15 Aug 2019

The contractor anticipates being finished up Thursday August 15, or August 16th.

All Ash tree material over 5 inches in diameter will be removed. Upon completion this fall, a tree shredding contractor will be shredding all remaining branches in the Nature Park, and a tree planting program will be initiated.

If any awesome neighbours of the park are interested in watering trees this fall, or next spring please do not hesitate to contact the Community Services Department at 519-395-2909. We have two hundred trees available for planting this fall.

The original plan was to use concession 2 as the staging area for the logs, and with the amount of traffic on concession 2, the contractor determined that ash street was a better option for the safety of their employees. The contractor will be making repairs to any lawns in September 2019.

Thank-you for your patience, and understanding.

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